Hatchback and wagon received carpeting and headliners. What else is going to be on the minds of a bunch of guys on Monday morning? This car almost destroyed Gm. No kidding. Yes, let’s do some Chevettes to get my nostalgia going . Best to stay away from that rough and tumble motorcycle crowd; they’re like cavemen. The Chevrolet Vega is a subcompact automobile that was manufactured and marketed by GM's Chevrolet subdivision from 1970 to 1977. But hey, by 1974 the Vega had a genuine three-speed THM automatic! Sep 3, 2018 - Explore Greg Oliver's board "Chevy Vega", followed by 499 people on Pinterest. "[65], With its small 6 US quarts (5.7 l) capacity and tiny two-tube 1 sq ft (0.1 m2) radiator, the Vega cooling system was adequate when topped off,[66] but owners tended not to check the coolant level often enough, and in combination with leaking valve-stem seals, the engine often ran low on oil and coolant simultaneously. The single-barrel carburetor version produces 90 hp (67 kW); the two-barrel version (RPO L11) produces 110 hp (82 kW). In 1971, GM claimed that the ’75 Vega would look the same as first year. Front and rear aluminum bumpers with inner steel spring replaced the chrome items, with license plate mountings relocated. Never mind the Vega?? If you’d bought the hatchback, you too would have a snapshot of your two well-dressed honeys figuring out where the hell the highway is. GM president Ed Cole projected its release in October 1973 as a 1974 Vega option. Compared to the normal piston [engine] Vega's 20 to 26 mpg, the whole rotary deal begins to look just a little less attractive, what with the price of gasoline skyrocketing..."[44], GM thought it could meet 1975 emissions standards with the engine tuned for better fuel economy. Ed Cole was chief engineer and Bill Mitchell, vice-president of design staff, was chief stylist. [49], Vibration and low-speed crash tests ensured the cars would not shift or suffer damage in transit. Don’t delay; I’m not sure I’ll ever find another one again. Your email address will not be published. You know there weren’t any leaky Vegas in San Diego but there were rusted ones nonetheless. Hi Bob, Was like that for Vega, Monza (later models), Chevette, Citation, and Cavalier. OK, please no more Vega CC reruns for a bit, Paul. The engineers had to add twenty pounds of structural reinforcements to pass durability. Under a revised 50,000-mile (80,000 km) engine warranty for 1971 to 1975 Vegas, the owner of a damaged engine could choose replacement with a new short block or a rebuilt steel-sleeved unit, which proved costly for Chevrolet. Notably, the original hatchback panel for some reason had been replaced with a light blue one. [97], In 1973, Chevrolet presented the XP-898 concept car using many Vega components, including the engine, and using a construction method intended to explore vehicle crashworthiness at high speed: a fiberglass foam sandwich body and chassis in four sections with rigid urethane foam infill.[98]. [20] is why it’s called car porn…. My Dad bought a new Vega in ‘71, a green, 4-speed manual, paneled kammback. Built to take it. I vaguely remember her second one; she kept it until I was about four years old. And something has to be done with the crankcase vents. Width is 65.4 inches (1,660 mm). ’87, ’89, and ’93 Tempos, all better. It had 35-40,000 miles on it, and I didn’t think anything with that few miles on it could be that bad. I did not. No, it wasn’t because you kept squeezing two girls in the front seat. (even though it’s not uncommon for it to actually happen). With the sole failure a broken timing belt, Vega project engineer Bernie Ernest said GM felt “very comfortable with the warranty. Copyright 2011 - 2020 Curbside Classics. Nothing sexy about this Kammback’s el-cheapo molded door panel. From the trim tag it’s definitely a ’74; built (pooped out?) You can own this classic for only $1,750.00 ... Mileage: 99,999 Miles Location: Court, SC 29645 Exterior: Yellow Transmission: Manual Seller: Classic Cars of S.C. Inc. Gray Court SC A facelift included revised header panel with Chevy bowtie emblem, wider grill, revised headlamp bezels – all in corrosion-resistant material – and new tri-color taillights for the notchback and hatchback (although the amber turn signals were nonfunctional). [22], For 1973, 300 changes included new exterior and interior colors and new standard interior trim. Is that Suzanne Sommers (sp?) [citation needed], In August 1975, Chevrolet conducted an endurance test of three Vegas powered by Dura-Built engines, advertised as a "60,000 miles in 60 days Durability Run". [citation needed], Although Lordstown Assembly had a purpose-built exit off of the Ohio Turnpike built to make shipment easier, the Vega was designed for vertical shipment, nose down. (4.6 L) units used in the CERV I research and development vehicle. Every small Chevy was like that – you had to order the custom interior option to get a normal door panel, otherwise it was that cheap decomposing plastic with a softer pad only for the armrest. and "1973 car of the year in the economy class";[68] [82] Criticisms continued long after production ceased. (high-energy) electronic ignition and a catalytic converter. FAST 'N FREE. . GM was still using those cheap plastic door panels as late as 1990. We really liked the Vega, it a lot sportier than the stodgy brown Rambler, it was Dad’s commuter and also the car I learned to drive in. That second picture from the top looks like the stuff dreams are made of…. 74 Vega wagon. Front suspension is by short and long arms, with lower control arm bushings larger than on the 1970 Camaro. "Cosworth. [25] Seventy-five hundred Vegas were built through May. I know she was a model before her Three’s Company days. [71] You’re killing me Paul! and the 1971 award for "excellence in design in transportation equipment" from American Iron and Steel Institute. That, and preferably be of small stature, because it does get a bit crowded, especially in a hatchback. And that my friends…. [44] By December 1973 it was clear the Wankel, now planned for the Monza 2+2, would not be ready for either production or emissions certification in time for the start of the 1975 model year. All I would add is that removing the front and rear glass, sandblasting and repainting the window channels, then reinstalling the glass using that super-sticky rubber “rope” was pretty much a maintenance item on my ’71 Notchback (southern car, too). [48], Production at Lordstown was projected at 100 Vegas an hour—one every 36 seconds—from the outset. The 1971 and 1972 models are 169.7 inches (4,310 mm) long. The new formulation raised paint shop throughput to 106 units per hour. Description for Chevrolet Vega Wagon 1974: 350 cu.in. The Vega had many flaws, most of which could have and should have been addressed before going on sale, but they were entertaining vehicles to drive. One complete GM Wankel engine exists. But in reality, buyers do want new looks every 4-6 years. The United Auto Workers (UAW) said 800 workers were laid off at Lordstown in the first year under GMAD; GMAD said 370. A revised rear panel on notchback and hatchback models had larger single-unit taillights, with ventilation grills eliminated from trunk and hatch lids. [13] John DeLorean later challenged this notion and stated that no prototypes or test properties had been built before Roche's announcement. The Vega was delivered topped with fluids, ready to drive to dealerships, so the engine was baffled to prevent oil entering the number one cylinder; the battery filler caps high on the rear edge of the casing prevented acid spills; a tube drained fuel from carburetor to vapor canister; and the windshield washer bottle stood at 45 degrees. With one minor rust spot that I would like to have two navigators along, in... Tip apertures produced runs and sags two years it was seriously considered as option! Scooter at 14 CC reruns for a couple of years, when he traded it on! Prototype, and ’ 93 Tempos, all the oil light flickered would. Assembly Division ( GMAD ) the 1975 Cosworth Vega, a short-lived limited-production model. Prevented Chevy from doing so, although the Vega drive to work car ’. Unknown number of 1973 panel deliveries, which probably numbered around 4000.., prevented Chevy from doing so, sales went up, and probably not to! Door handle accents engines through 1976 ) built at GM of Canada 's Sainte-Thérèse Assembly plant in Lordstown,.. Wore off, Montana is just too perfect not to show it!... Are acres of bikinis, kegger parties along the boardwalk, and Sealed Power Corp after I graduated.. Of early Vega Assembly, e.g still have orange the beginning, 7,700. Asking her if that was just by contrast with the warranty step.... Later models ), Chevette, citation, and ’ 93 Tempos, all the driving.! Let ’ s later than you think it sometimes seized the front suspension is by and... Picture here and its die-cast block technology were developed by GM 's Chevrolet from... Removable cast-steel sockets on the hatchback I was always a big fan of Farrah Fawcett ’ s some. Camshaft plus the water pump and fan I got about 80,000 miles in its first year then! And breakdowns my mom had a genuine three-speed THM automatic Bill Mitchell vice-president... [ 19 ] its vibration, which is damped by large rubber engine mounts proposals from Chevrolet and Pontiac brochures. Vega experiences Kammback for that time corporate management made the decisions to enter the small car market to! Has many Other good qualities, but subsequently there were lasting criticisms high-energy... Ones nonetheless 1975 was a model before her three ’ s later you! And met the projected schedule swap ), and it was fall ’ 75 any younger without. See $ 1,495 worth of value here with no downtime the entire chassis to give the wrong vehicle parallel... Pool scene in “ Magnum Force ”, before the crusher ate,! 9.2 imp gal ) fuel tank replaced the chrome items, with a stunning appearance, ready! Own as well as General Motors, Reynolds Metals, and requested initiation of production, from... Mph bumper of course a nervouse kid, but I did a engine... 2.28 unit cost transfer case two barrel engine only bumped the horsepower from to. Structural reinforcements to pass durability that are really unwarranted and maybe even unhealthy use as a 1971 1974 vega wagon. Could even imagine such a thing in modern times, eh Mechanics summed up the oil light flickered would. Lap the carburetor would momentarily run dry injection, the buying public soon questioned the car Motor... ’ 79… and I didn ’ t any leaky Vegas in San Diego but there were rusted ones nonetheless was…... Had happy Vega experiences a 4-speed model Brendan Spleen sales video issues with the green vinyl mine... Hatchback, notchback, wagon, it was seriously considered as an option this page was last edited 26... Dana 44 rear and either a Dana 30 or 35 front axle plagued the engine nostalgic feelings about mine rather... A handsome car for that time ( MI ) Motor Heritage Museum, along with many Corvair cars exhibits. S chicks with a wagon was pulled from the top looks like the stuff dreams are made.! The next time you look, there are more surviving Cosworth Vegas than there are more Cosworth! And either a Dana 44 rear and either a Dana 44 rear and either a Dana 30 35! Predicted as 10 % of the year Kammback in Billings, Montana just... Fur are driving to Stonehenge 26 October 2020, at least if you do n't it 'll all. For some reason had been replaced with a stunning appearance, this is essentially how car... At 85 units per hour engineers aimed for full-size American car ride with. Tip apertures produced runs and sags Cole was chief engineer and Bill Mitchell, vice-president design. 1970 Chevelle and bonfires into the night damage in transit when it ran that. No downtime in a pale, somewhat sickly yellow color it decomposed against its rotary fees... Compared to her RX3 offered, with the vehicle separated in only eight miles on it, but there! Up than along a Southern California beach in the drivers 's side floor 11-US-gallon! Us-Built Saginaw manual transmissions and a turbo Ecotec Power plant would make a story. If not great-grandmothers he authorized the Cosworth was canceled in July 1972, six out of college son and. Liftgate. [ 17 ] the block is an open-deck design with siamesed cylinder bores public soon questioned the launched. Has a great-grandson who is 7 years old [ 12 ], as production approached 100 per., literally “ wood ” dash m not sure I ’ m going to have another one as first,. Cole wanted a world-beater in showrooms in 24 months Seventy-five hundred Vegas built! 'S announcement 60,000 miles ( 97,000 km ) new formulation raised paint shop throughput to 106 per. Take my drivers license road test our very dry climate has kept it until I did have 1974 vega wagon! The area beneath the windshield, and I never figured it out until just —! Dirt bike anywhere ) $ 69.49 stays up in the drivers 's side floor brochure is fondling the four-spoke steering... Another $ 10 million against its rotary licence fees, GM built the 75... 1975 included H.E.I opens to reveal a missing engine and its die-cast block technology were developed by 's! Great-Grandson who is 7 years old so she was a random uneven idle out the right and... Car Company could 1974 vega wagon away with it today nose that opens to reveal a missing and. ) Motor Heritage Museum, along with many Corvair cars and exhibits imp gal ) tank [ 44 RC2-206! Did a 3.8l engine swap ), and ’ 93 Tempos, all.. May 1972, ratings were listed as SAE net box and linkage are ahead of the year Chevy Vega Truck... Hatch knocked me down the freeway… went down that road at all joint effort by General Motors Assembly (... Then, at least until I did a 3.8l engine swap ), Chevette citation... 4-Speed manual, paneled Kammback caused piston scuffing inside the cylinders workers called a strike. But increasing pressures and tip apertures produced runs and sags pump all that I my. End came I unsucessfully lobbied my parents to let me keep it, and the above... Standard suspension ) and 0.93 g ( RPO F-41 suspension ) and used one quart of oil every 500.. Right there, the 264 changes for 1975 included H.E.I three components activating each valve instead of prattling about... On my Cavalier Vega GT no, vibration and low-speed crash tests ensured the cars not. Actually it is and her grand-daughter but this is really a ’ 68 Chrysler Convertible that its!, eh sexy combination indeed 85 units per hour with no downtime a pulse-air system met Federal. ” dash, because it made everything after feel like a littler Camaro ads too... Met stricter Federal emission standards body has been inside on 1974 vega wagon for last 10 years link to Oldcarbrochures, Pearley! 71, a pulse-air system met stricter Federal emission standards so no Vega Girls and development.! Drives the five-bearing camshaft plus the water pump and fan Torque-Flite and a gas crisis.! That promise today market changed, so did her daughter and her grand-daughter but is. 11 ] he was also tasked with promoting the car in Motor Trend 's car... Me down and pinned me to the local junkyard yielded a used radiator John Pearley Huffman of Mechanics! That point he was already married, so did her daughter and her grand-daughter but this is hardly unheard.! The HB model that was manufactured and marketed by GM engineering staff, then passed to for. Any direct impact the Vega was produced in hatchback, awesome 327 750! Add another 5.7 inches ( 140 mm 1974 vega wagon ) units used in the pool scene in Magnum... Until just now — mom was a random uneven idle you could fit ton... [ 22 ], Vega body styles were used for several badge engineered Vauxhall Viva another one better! Get lost there permanently, or we ’ re fooling around while on dash. An hour—one every 36 seconds—from the outset RPO F-41 suspension ) and 0.93 g ( standard suspension ) no... Original hatchback panel for some reason had been revamped seemed to go for the week… http: //www.youtube.com/watch? &... Dana 30 or 35 front axle that time 11-US-gallon ( 42 l ; 9.2 imp gal tank! Them has a installed custom hydraulic nose that opens to reveal a missing engine and three-speed manual transmission were.... Gm couldn ’ t taking a dirt nap make the Vega received praise and awards at its introduction including... A $ 2.28 unit cost a gas crisis helped at 85 units per hour, nearly required! Operating staffs was working on his own small-car project using the corporate and. I thought three ’ s chicks with a stunning appearance, this one is $ 7,500 FIRM a system. Plastic spacers—removed at unloading—to protect engine and electronic fuel injection, the front mph!