Welcome to CherryGrove.com your guide to gay Fire Island since 1996. On Board Entertainment. Events, Benefits, Arts, Shows, Dancing, Accomodations, Guest Houses, Hotels and more on this community website. And so, for $60, we had another day in Cherry Grove (as opposed to that same amount buying us three drinks, or a hat in The pretentious Pines). Sayville Ferry Service provides passage to the Fire Island communities of the Fire Island Pines, Cherry Grove, Sailors Haven/Sunken Forest, and Water Island. Cherry's prime location is the place where patrons come to have one of the best cocktails in Fire Island. Fire Island Pines, often referred to simply as “The Pines” is a beautiful hamlet on Fire Island, which is one of the barrier islands on the southern side of Long Island. Consider purchasing a Beach Getaway packagefro… The infamous Pines Party, a three-day beach bacchanal where a partygoer was once evacuated by helicopter for a drug-induced coma, is off. Two of them, Cherry Grove and The Pines, are known as the best “gay getaways.” The Cherry Grove Ferry Service made its maiden voyage to the newly named Fire Island Pines in 1953. CherryGrove.com offers comprehensive coverage of resorts, hotels, real estate, shops, restaurants, clubs, transportation, directions and more! The Birth and Life of Cherry Grove: Before and After the 1938 Great Hurricane. No matter what your interests are, from enjoying a quiet and tranquil day at the beach to partying nonstop, Cherry Grove and the Pines offer fun, entertainment, and a beautiful natural setting combined with an affirming atmosphere to all members of sexual minorities. In the early days of Cherry Grove’s gay population growth it was a big draw for many closeted homosexuals, and would initially take place on various boardwalks. In the style of a Venetian Palace - with terraces, towers, domes, statuary, antiques and fountains - and a roof-top terrace and bay front deck that afford spectacular views of the Great South Bay, the ocean, and towns. And while the Fire Island Black Out party welcomes queers of color to the Pines most summers, critics have noted that the ugly racial dynamics at play in the gay community can be amplified on the island. Whether you’re visiting Fire Island Pines or Cherry Grove, The Belvedere Guest House is only a few minutes walk from the center of both communities. Whether you are planning a vacation, looking to buy a house, or just stopping in for the day, get the most out of your stay with CherryGrove.com. Cherry Grove and  Fire Island Pines boast an amazing variety of activities, whether you are searching for sheer relaxation, fun, or adventure, these two amazing communities have something for everyone. google_ad_client = "pub-1345101821067542"; I heard it was a spirited ride, and Scott Hirsch met them all at The Island Mermaid most cordially. google_ad_height = 60;