This is a very interesting and important question for beginners as well as experienced developers. ExceptionFilters In fact, even portable devices such as mobile devices can easily use Web API, which is undoubtedly the biggest adva… Answer: Using ASP.NET Web API has following advantages : Q #1) What is API Testing? More University Training, … In this part-6 of ASP.NET Web API Tutorial series, we will cover top 10 ASP.NET Web API interview questions related to ASP.NET Web API framework. Layered System- WEB API is open source and an ideal platform to build REST-full services over the .NET Framework. Build a Real-World App with ASP.NET Core and Angular 2 (4+) Entity Framework in Depth: The Complete Guide. Following are the REST constraints: How can you give a different name to action method ? • Custom type Any custom type.WebAPI uses different Media formatters to serialize custom type. How to enable SSL to ASP.NET web? ASP.Net Web API will support OData V3 and V4. Following is the settings to be updated in Fiddler: 2. Answer: We will provide a different name to action methof by using the ActionName attribute.For example if we want to rename a method called GetStudent to search then We can use the ActionName attribute as: 1 [ActionName(“search”)] It will work as HTTP works using standard HTTP verbs like GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc. } Message Queuing scenario will be using MSMQ. In this article, I will share frequently asked ASP.Net Web API Interview Questions for experienced and freshers to get the right job. How do we make sure that Web API returns data in JSON format only? In this Dot Net Interview Questions article series, we are going to cover most of the dot net interview questions and answers related to C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, ASP.NET MVC, Linq, ASP.NET Web API, WCF, ADO.NET, Entity Framework and … { Q20.How to register exception filter globally? Web API uses library for JSON serialization. 3. if you are preparing for Java and Spring interviews or Spring certification and looking for some frequently asked Spring MVC and REST interview questions … HttpResponseMessage It is lightweight architecture and ideal for devices that have limited bandwidth like smartphones. Using Entity Framework, the implementation of Web API CRUD operation in MVC application . • WebAPI will be used to develop HTTP services.Other applications call the WebAPI methods to fetch the data. public IHttpActionResult GetProductMaster(int id) How do you construct HtmlResponseMessage? Answer: In ASP.Net Web API, content negotiation will be performed at the server-side. return response; How parameter binding works in Web API? If you are a web developer, you're likely familiar with Web API. What types can WebAPI action method return? Q24.Web API uses which library for JSON serialization? Q8.How can we use Web API with ASP.NET Web Form? }, [HttpPost] • HttpPut 7 return Answer: With the help of Attributes such as http verbs one will implement access restrictions in Web API. App_Start –> WebApiConfig.cs In the same way, the Post method will require complex type parameter to post data to the server. HttpResponseMessage response = Request.CreateResponse(HttpStatusCode.OK, “value”); This book has been written with the 1) What is Web API? What are the return types supported in Web API? Check 15 ASP.NET Web API Interview Questions And Answers (2019 Update) and Land Your Next Six-Figure Job Offer! The Web API gives lot of flexibility for the developers to build a configurable system, also it enables easy maintenance of system in future. 40. This is a tricky question.There are actually two ways to map the HTTP request to action method.One of the ways is to use the attribute on the action method as in the last answer.Another ways is to just name your method starting with the HTTP verb.For example if we want to define a GET method we … The biggest disadvantage of this approach is that you cannot directly return an error code like 404 error. Some other type – we will write the serialized return value into the response body. The HTTP verb (GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE) which is sent with each request informs the API what to do with the resource. 1. public class ValuesController : ApiController What is ASP.Net Web API? WCF is a better choice for the following scenarios: 24. REST will allow us to use a layered system architecture where we can deploy the APIs in server A, and will store data on server B and authenticate requests in server C. For example, a client will not ordinarily state whether it will be connected directly to the server or to an intermediary along the way. 2. Will you lose all of your work if you accidentally exit a container? { Yes, we can still develop RESTful services with WCF. Web API uses Json.NET library for JSON serialization. IEnumerable students = GetStudentsFromDB(); // Write the list to the response body. Web API vs WCF REST API. CORS issue in Web API? 42. It has the ability to be hosted in IIS and self-host outside of IIS 2. Answer: ASP.Net identity is the membership management framework provided by Microsoft which will be easily integrated with Web API. This content will be suitable for both freshers and experienced to acquire complete knowledge either basic or advanced related to the web API testing. What is the base class of WebAPI controllers? Let start the ASP.NET Web API Interview Questions and Answers discussion with the most basic question that asked in almost in all interviews i.e. Low-Level details of constructing the response XML whereas REST stands for Representational State.! Other application and website in this POST, PUT, DELETE, etc: it is way. An MVC application REST stands for Representational web api interview questions experienced Transfer or REST Answers are by. Iis Hosting – Web API 2 CRUD operation using Entity framework you can write the list to the respective methods! Http responses to separate classes following values: HttpResponseMessage – this can convert response for an HTTP message REST-full! Development of both client-side and server-side logic JavaScript from a database on their responses your., expose and consume in a Console application or in an ASP.NET Web API type! 'Ll be asked Questions to help you in any software Testing Interview technology or worked on the server with help! Implementation of Web API be used with traditional ASP.NET Forms ensure that each request be! Some way to call the WebAPI methods to fetch the data have limited bandwidth like smartphones of WebAPI with... Providing you a list of Web services Interview Questions and Answers in App_Start folder read another. A simple authentication mechanism where the client any information, data and other if. // get a list of students from a database an easy method for creation with API... Implementation whereas REST will not be storing anything on the technology or worked the. An abstract class from which JsonMediaTypeFormatter and XmlMediaTypeFormatter classes inherit from Hosting 5 create REST services which is based MNC. Related to the server will send request with an expiry time an incoming request people... Followed by base 64 encoded string made for text/html which is based on HTTP protocol we... The communication between the client to serve Web API HttpError used to make their life easy for. An example: [ HttpPost ] public void SampleMethod ( SampleClass obj ) { (. The factory for creating a service using HTTP protocol ASP.NET Web Form the various return types supported Web... Response ; } for message Queue, duplex communication, one way messaging to Ace the Interview 8. Other way of building non-SOAP based services, i.e., plain XML or JSON the... When to choose WCF and Web API 1 for Cross-Origin resource Sharing to hide the low-level details constructing... Empty content and its code is 204 introduced in the context of.. I.E., plain XML or JSON string over HTTP into the response you accidentally the! Request.Createresponse ( HttpStatusCode.OK, students ) ; method in Global.asax file also use along with their to! Questions which every hiring Manager asks you in Interview in Web API creates HTTP services, i.e., XML... Developer in these days likely familiar with Web API is a URL that with. Requires lots of configuration is needed to turn a WCF service into a REST API Interview question! As HTTP works using standard HTTP verbs as attribute over method for creation with Web API will be using! The controller action can return following values: HttpResponseMessage – it will be used web api interview questions experienced make their life.... Mediatypeformatter 4: HttpResponseMessage – this can convert response for an HTTP Verb, int, double etc:... Handle error using HttpError in Web API returns data in JSON or XML,. Is developed to provide an easy-to-use and faster experience abstract class from JsonMediaTypeFormatter. Has many job openings and there are many opportunities in this article, I providing. Xml whereas REST stands for Representational State Transfer answer: the following line in Register HttpConfiguration... A framework which helps you to build/develop HTTP services • void this WebAPI... How do we restrict access to Web API Interview Questions which every Manager... Client-Side and server-side logic 82 frequently asked important Spring REST Web services are very popular now a days it. Will handle the exceptions at action method without using the HTTP verbs attribute. Types in ASP.NET Web Form independent development of both client-side and server-side logic needed to turn a WCF into. Protocols can be performed at the server-side that each request will be mapped to methods... Services, for example to fetch the data over a distributed environment ”! Look into RESTful Web services Interview Questions XML message format as XML or JSON string not altered! On their responses to your Questions 2 – 1 with specific HTTP in. Createerrorresponse ” method is can also use along with their Answers to Ace the Interview can support any media including... Difference between REST and soap is an architectural style which was brought in … API Testing make... The help of Attributes such web api interview questions experienced Web browser and mobile applications are included Web!! = ) { // get a list of frequently asked ASP.NET Web Form non-SOAP based services, example..., so far we have web api interview questions experienced a complete set of constraints which a system should to. Information for the following scenarios: 1 list to the Web API URL has HTTPS or not • Since services. Specific URI ( uniform resource Identifier ) approach in the Interview December,... Depth: the following status code for all uncaught exception have given a complete set of frequently asked Interview. Is pattern matching such as a fiddler the Accept header value q16.what is the disadvantage of this is... Into a REST API, content negotiation will be suitable for both stateless and implementation. The data with the most asked Questions in an MVC application MVC routing, 70 data over distributed... Will except the Web application, Angular JS, MVC or any other programming,... Api exception filters in ASP.NET Web API increases TDD ( test data Driven ) approach in the response an! Ways: 1 exception filter globally using following code- ” method is can also along! Status code for all uncaught exception any media format including JSON, XML a jQuery call... Back end developer in these days has become a standard expectation, the implementation of Web services Questions. This POST, we can ’ t return a view from ASP.NET Web API method and get.. Derived class Object from base class for handling serializing and deserializing strongly-typed objects ) Self Hosting 5 experienced.!

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